Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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General dispositions

Tariffs and warranty are established in relation to the area of use of the car: on the territory of Romania or outside its borders.

The use of the car outside the territory of Romania shall be made ONLY with the notice and approval of the Locator.

The car is equipped with GPS monitoring equipment, which will be active throughout the rental period. Customer is forbidden to intervene in any form on this equipment.

The customer must comply with the 300 kilometer limit, otherwise he will be charged extra.

Payment Terms

Rental rates are fixed in Euro. The rent equivalent is invoiced in RON at the exchange rate of the NBR.

On the day the car is rented, the customer will pay in advance the amount of € as a guarantee in the event that the car suffers any damage.

For additional car delays, a surcharge is charged.

The car is taken over with the tank full. (Clean exterior – interior).

Customer’s obligations

Comply with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and its annexes.

To pay the rental price of the car in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the contract.

Take the vehicle and return it under the same conditions, on the basis of the delivery-receipt sheets.

To bear the equivalent of all damages to the car and / or to third parties caused by its fault during the commission of any offense incriminated by the legislation in force.

Obligations towards vehicles

The Customer undertakes for the duration of the rental all obligations arising out of the use of the vehicle, directly or through third parties indicated in the annex to the contract.

The customer is held responsible for all damages to the rental car, even if the finding was made after it was handed over.

The Customer is legally entitled to delay for all obligations assumed in the contract and not observed as such on time.

The customer has the obligation to do all the steps for opening the claim file for accidents occurring during the rental period, whether or not he is guilty of the accident.

Upon expiration of the rental period, the Customer has the obligation to return the vehicle at the time specified in the contract at the locator’s premises under the same conditions as the lease, otherwise the customer is obliged to pay the penalties calculated on the list tariff.

Extension and termination of the contract

The lease can be extended by agreement of both parties by concluding an additional contract.

The Customer’s intention to extend the contract is communicated to the Lessor at least 24 hours before the expiration of the contract.

The lease terminates at the end of the rental period or may cease before the end of the period, by agreement of the parties or as a result of the termination, in which case the Customer has the obligation to sell the vehicle within 2 hours of termination.


Disputes arising from the lease will be settled amicably or through the mediation procedure.


All notifications, requests and other communications to be given or surrendered pursuant to or for the reason of the provisions of the Lease Agreement shall be made in writing and shall be deemed to have been given when handed over or sent by post with an inventory note and receipt.