Long Term Rentals

More and more companies and private individuals choose to rent a car instead of buying. Renting a car allows you to have a new car every time your standards and needs change without having to pay for maintenance.

Find the right car

We offer you a wide range of cars for all travel needs so you can easily choose! Depending on your preferences, budget and needs, you can rent the car for a period of 6 to 57 months. You have to follow just a few simple steps: choose from the list of cars available on our website, fill out the online booking form and we will contact you and we will jointly determine how to hand over the car.

You do not pay for car maintenance

The cars in our car fleet are periodically checked, paid all car taxes, are subject to annual revisions and are ready for the road with full tank of fuel anytime. The rental fee includes RCA insurance, CASCO insurance, and road tax.

We are on this road together

For your comfort and safety, we offer you non-stop road assistance! So if you encounter any problem with your car, just contact us and our specialists will respond to your requests.

You can choose your preferred payment method

We will jointly determine the payment method that is convenient for you: full on take-over, at equal rates or an advance on takeover and the difference at the end of the rental period.

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